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Cool game 10/10 would play again. No joking, first time playing game on Godot 

Glad you liked it :)


What can I say, I  truly LOVED the experience I had playing this, Such a shame it ended so shortly as it did. Loved the art style and gameplay was fun. I thought the first level could use a bit more lighting in it as it felt quite to dark and also perhaps provide an option for subtitles as it was sometimes hard to hear what characters where saying during combat as the combat sounds overpowered the voice characters. Aside from that though I had a total blast playing it!


The voice acting killed me 5/5

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Dude, godot is amazing, runs pretty fine in Ubuntu! Thanks, I love this engine! Congrats for the game - It will deserve a small list(I just have 15 minutes per video) so as soon as possible I upload here your little masterpiece. Greetings from Brazil.


on my pc it was holding a virus

What exactly do you mean? Did you get a warning from your antivirus software?


fun game, shooting style is fun as well. 


Game really is fun and very enjoyable. I highly suggest you put this on steam. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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HEY DEVs!!! why is there a secret level in level selector (LOL)...

The Game is pretty fun to play... and also to speed-run !!!

expect from the pause-menu bug ... everything is great...

Hope to play a bigger version of this game in future..

You guys are AWESOME!!! 


Haha someone finally found it :P


The voice acting was on point and that ending was a nice plot twist


Played it like 3 times slowly, then did a quake/doom like run. amazing game hits all the right spots


Hi, I've made a video about the game :D and I wanted to share some feedback about it :) hopefully it is useful to you .

-The main concept of the game is pretty cool and fun.

-The combat system is very fun and dynamic while having a good balance between playability and speed.

-From the gameplay mechanics I will only take a look to the in-air movement as it felt sometimes well and sometimes unresponsive while platforming on small spaces, the rest of the gameplay mechanics are pretty well done and give the player a very solid experience.

-The visual style is quite interesting, I really liked it :).

-Having a clear HUD fits pretty well the game and makes the gameplay experience better, good job with the management of it :)

In conclusion, the idea is great and I really enjoyed playing the game. Hopefully this is useful for you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Hello :3 I played the game today and the game just freezes for me, other than that, very funny game :D here is my gameplay 


I die today too

I enjoyed the game. It presents a good exploration, has a good soundtrack. The gameplay is also nice, but the collision of the shots is not very good, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is a good game. Keep it up!

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Thanks for playing. Had a lot of fun watching your playthrough :) Yeah, the hit detection is rather buggy, I'll try to fix that.

Edit: hit detection is now much better