New update for Subsurface: Expedition (V1.2)

Added some new fixes and features to Subsurface: Expedition. In version 1.2 you can find:

-added a horde mode (acessible through the level select)

-improved weapon feel. added a more pronounced muzzle flash and slight recoil.

-added an extra incentive to explore the levels in form of a damage up collectible.

-you can't cancel the forward momentum anymore when using the knife dash.

-slight gameplay adjustments in level 2.

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ReadMe.txt 3 kB
Feb 23, 2021
SubSurface.exe 35 MB
Feb 23, 2021
SubSurface.pck 336 MB
Feb 23, 2021 241 MB
Feb 23, 2021
SubSurface_Linux.pck 336 MB
Feb 23, 2021
SubSurface_Linux.x86_64 40 MB
Feb 23, 2021

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