A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mars, 2314. You wake up dizzy, your head aching. The experiments have gone wrong. The whole space station is crawling with zombies. You look for your weapon, but it's nowhere to be found. Your only option: to dodge the zombies and to try to stay alive as long as possible!  


-2D game where you dodge your enemies instead of killing them!

-highscore based gameplay. Post your highscore in the comments! The current record is 85 seconds.

-a clean pixel-art-based artstyle.

-fast paced retro-music gets the blood pumping.

-an anouncer rates your highscore. Don't make him angry!

Install instructions

Windows user: Download the .exe and .pck files. You can then start the game using the .exe-file (both files have to be in the same folder).

Mac user: Download the .zip file.

Reading the .txt-file is recommended. Report any crashes in the comments.


Zombie Dodger.exe 35 MB
Zombie Dodger.pck 25 MB
Zombie Dodger.zip 37 MB
ReadMe.txt 2 kB

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